Most of us want to be healthy and age well, to live a life of quality not just quantity. For many this means a healthy heart, a healthy weight and strength to do the things we love to do. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s all important, but did you know that the greatest burden on health care today, concerns the mind and brain. Cognitive decline is currently the greatest global economic burden of our time, and the rates of dementia and chronic neurological disorders are on the rise. Four behaviours have been identified to change the way we age;

1. Exercise and physical activity
2. Stress management
3. Sleep hygiene
4. Healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

Of these, physical activity and exercise is considered the most accessible option to counteract cognitive decline and it is available to you. Some studies have shown that physically active individuals can reduce their risk of dementia by as much as 30-45 %.

Our Brain Health Classes have been specially designed to target 4 domains of cognition; Memory, Processing Speed, Attention and Executive functioning. Through exercise that combines movement with cognitive challenges, you not only improve your body’s health, but also your cognitive reserve by promoting neuroplasticity (laying down new nerve cells) and neuroprotection (slowing down the decline of existing nerve cells). The classes are both FUN and CHALLENGING, but places are limited so get in quick.

How do I know if this class is for me? If you are over 50, independently mobile and relatively active, then this is for you. Please note our Brain Health classes are not for people with diagnosed dementia or Parkinson’s Disease. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic neurological condition, we are able to support you through 1:1 appointments and Parkinson’s specific classes.

Call to enquire the full range of classes and individual appointments on offer.